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Nowadays, affected by various factors of real estate, the building materials industry has been in a downturn. Meanwhile, titanium alloy door agents are also in trouble. After the implementation of the regulation and control policy, the trading volume of the real estate has been greatly reduced, making the use of titanium alloy doors also reduced. The sales volume of titanium alloy door agents and dealers declined accordingly. The current situation for titanium alloy door agents can be described as both challenges and opportunities. As long as the agents make adjustments in time, seize and use the market opportunities in time, they can overcome the tight encirclement

energy conservation, environmental protection or become the main theme

relevant materials flash. In the next decade, China's real estate industry will not continue to develop in a rough manner, but will enter the period of planning and high-quality creation. Then, as an important part of the housing structure, doors and windows, especially titanium alloy doors, will also enter the era of system planning devices from the past bulk operation. In this way, the advantages of environmental protection, energy conservation and system composition of titanium alloy doors will be excellent. Industry insiders said, "titanium alloy doors will maintain a share of more than 55% in shopping malls built with doors and windows, and the commodity structure will be greatly changed. Affected by the national energy conservation policy and the energy crisis, the use share of energy-saving and environmental friendly titanium alloy doors will be greatly improved."

"engineering retail" combination expands the market

before the state made regulation and control on the real estate industry, many aluminum alloy production agents locked their sales targets in engineering malls. However, with the effect of the national regulation and control policy flashing, the sales volume of titanium alloy doors in engineering malls decreased significantly

therefore, engineering orders and retail orders complement each other and are indispensable in the current shopping environment. Some agents with better development are also moving towards such a development goal

the policy of "urbanization of affordable housing" supports

now, although titanium alloy door agents are facing a serious situation, there are still many favorable conditions. In recent years, the municipal government will also transform the shanty towns of the city, where many kinds of affordable housing have been built. Titanium alloy doors still have broad shopping malls

strengthen development and practice internal skills

Guanhao doors and windows believes that the homogenization of goods has always confused the industry in titanium alloy door agents. Titanium alloy door agents should first practice their internal skills. Shopping malls are ruthless. No matter whether agents choose to do high-end goods or medium and low-end goods, they should make choices according to their own conditions

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