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The ceiling of the home varies, and a little change in color or style color may change the style of the whole home. AIA integrated ceiling is now grandly launching new products in autumn and winter to create a different classic for you

from the invention of integrated ceiling by AIA in 2004, which changed the household consumption pattern, to the launch of new products of AIA's "full decoration industry" integrated ceiling series in autumn and winter 2014, we will embark on a new journey above the peak and "spoil" your taste with classics. Outline every perfect detail, find every fashionable flavor, feel the world, and find the true meaning of life. AIA's "all decoration industry" style is integrated with the ceiling, so that "style life, look up and learn!"

this autumn and winter new product launch is a continuous series of new products launched after the first "full decoration industry" new products at the end of 2013. It is understood that on the basis of inheriting the four styles released last year (European | American | Southeast Asia | Mediterranean), this new product launched Classical Luxury series (baroque style) and elegant implicit series (Chinese style). At the same time, it also launched a supplementary product of last year's four styles (European | American | Southeast Asia | Mediterranean) - large board series according to market demand: the size range is increased, and the collocation is more flexible, Bring more choices of spatial changes to consumers

the "whole decoration industry" products still maintain the concept of the series characterized by integrated design, and strive to integrate every enduring fashion beauty and life elements in the world into the products, so as to inject lasting fashion genes into the series. Bring different space experiences through different styles: visual comfort, luxury, classic and lasting style. The overall style seems casual, but in fact it is carefully carved. At the same time, it continues the previous advantages of paying attention to the detail design of a single plate, pays attention to the details, and creates the exclusive and unique elegant temperament of each plate, sharing a lasting classic with all family lovers who pursue change

as the founder and leader of China's integrated ceiling industry, AIA has been renowned both inside and outside the industry for its leading and advanced product design. The autumn and winter new products, with unique style, bring different chicness to the home, and I believe they will be widely loved by consumers





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